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Url's to unblock for Intel driver update assistant to work?


I'm trying to run Intel driver and update assistant and our firewall is always blocking it. I need to know what websites to whitelist for this tool to work?

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There was an issue with this quite a while back, and I do not recall the ports.


I have copied the forum manager and IDSA manager to help with a solution.




@Monique with Intel​ 



Hi @PSILV14​ This is Monique with Intel Corporation. Here's some ways to unblock to allow IDSA to scan. Hopefully one of these will resolve the issue.


If you are going through a proxy to access the internet, you may need to configure it to allow access. You can check the proxy configuration by following these steps:

1.           Open the “Internet Options” control panel, which can be found in the Windows* Start Menu.

2.           Select the “Connections” tab at the top of the window, and then select the “LAN settings” button near the bottom of the window.

3.           If on a company network, and “Automatically detect settings” or “Use automatic configuration script” are selected, then you will need to contact your network administrator to allow connections to localhost. If you are not on a company network and these settings are selected, you will need to manually configure the proxy device to allow connections to localhost.

4.          If the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox is selected, make sure “Bypass proxy server for local addresses” is checked. Click the “Advanced” button, and in the “Exceptions” text area, add “”, and then select “OK” and “OK”.


If you are using the Firefox* browser and connecting to the internet through a proxy, you may need to change your settings. From the menu in Firefox, choose “Options” and then select the “Settings” button in the “Network Proxy” section. If “Manual proxy configuration” is selected, please ensure that the following entries are included in the “No Proxy for” text area: “localhost,”.


If you are running security or firewall software that may block network connections, you will need to configure their software to allow access to the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant. Please refer to your security software vendor for instruction on how to manage this access.


If you receive an error message trying to view Intel® Driver & Support Assistant in Microsoft Edge*, try one of the following troubleshooting methods:

Method #1

1.      Type about:flags in the browser url bar, and press Enter.

2.      Ensure that Allow localhost loopback is checked.

3.      Even if it is checked, sometimes toggling the checkbox will cause Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to work again. To toggle:

a)     Uncheck Allow localhost loopback.

b)     Close Microsoft Edge.

c)     Re-open Microsoft Edge.

d)    Check Allow localhost loopback.

e)     Close and re-open Microsoft Edge.

f)      Launch Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.


Method #2

1.      Open Internet Options Control Panel from the Start menu.

2.      Go to the Security tab.

3.      Click the Local intranet icon.

4.      Click Sites.

5.      Click Advanced.

6.      Add to the list.

7.      Press OK