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Using integrated and discrete graphics simultaneously, multiple independent displays

Trying to connect monitors, four in total, to both the integrated graphics unit and discrete graphics card simultaneously and produce four independent, no cloning, displays.

I am attempting to run two screens that are connected to the integrated graphics on the cpu and two that are connected to the gpu.

I have researched this question and the answer is, yes, it is possible but whether or not it can be done depends on the specific system.

The essentials of my build:

CPU-Intel G5400 (4M cache, 3.7 GHz)


GPU-Asus GT 1030-SL-2G-BRK

RAM-32gb Timetec 2133 MHz (2x16gb)

OS-Windows 7 64-bit Professional

Most of what I have read says that the capacity of the motherboard to support this feature is the crucial factor. I believe the MB does support this. The MB has a setting for "iGPU multi-monitor." I have adjusted the applicable BIOS settings in as many ways as I can think to but with no success

Does the CPU support this?

Do I need to install an additional driver for the CPU?

Thanks everyone!
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