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Why Intel Graphics affects the video output?

Why Intel Graphics affects the video output?

Intel Graphics depending on the content of the video output affects it.

I suppose it does it to save some battery.

Who allowed Intel Graphics to destroy the video output?

Why this very questionable feature is turned on by default?

Turning off the feature doesn't help as long as it turns it on itself anyway.

Please consider to remove it.

It's really a questionable feature.

Please set it not by default if you can't remove it.

Intel Graphics must just simply show the video output.

It must not affect the image. It doesn't have a right to do that. It's not right.

If you think that the user really wants to affect the image please ask the user first.

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For a long time I couldn't understand what's going on.

I suffered. I thought I got cataract or glaucoma.

Or just my eyes adapted to bright or dim light.

But no. That's just a clever guy from Intel Graphics decided to introduce by default a genius Chinese-style feature: the dynamic contrast.

It's a really bad feature. It ruins the video output. And it does it in such a subtle way that you can't understand immediately it.

You need to suffer and search for a long time to understand it.

If the laptop wants to save some energy it changes the backlit brightness. I can change it using the keyboard.

I can change the performance plan in Windows and it works.

Unfortunately the dynamic contrast feature can't be changed and can't be turned off entirely.

Really bad. A hundred billions dollars company can't do such mistakes.

Community Manager

Hello johnny_mnemonic,



Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support.



I would like to begin by saying that some features, such as dynamic contrast, can be modified or customized by system manufacturers. For this reason, we may be unable to help you disable it or remove it.



However, I would like to do research about it. Please fill out the following information and attach the reports so that we can continue investigating this issue further.



It is worth mentioning that your feedback is highly appreciated.



Wanner G.

Thank you for your answer.

I will contact the manufacturer of my laptop (ASUS) concerning the problem.

I really hope it's not Intel's fault.