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igdkmdnd64.sys video_tdr_failure


I recently bought Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro 16IAH7 - Type 82SK (i5-12500H, 16gb ram, Intel Iris Xe Graphics + Intel Arc A370M Graphics, Win 11 home x64) and I'm struggling with a few apps. They're mostly graphic/video oriented - DaVinci resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom. The app is mostly working only for few minutes then freeze, crash, blue screen (not always, saying igdkmdnd64.sys video_tdr_failure) or something like that. I tried to claim it under warranty but was told that the laptop is okay (it was also in Lenovo service), but the problems still occur. I reinstalled the apps multiples times, all drivers are updated, spent couple of hours on windows support and also multiple times reinstall OS. But even after that it's still happening and it's really frustrating. I don't have to do some hard work, all mentioned happen even when the app is just open and there's nothing going on on the computer.

I did clean install of the last drivers and set up high performance for those apps. But no change.

Do you have any idea what else could I do to beat this?

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Increase TdrDelay as described at:

This is just a workaround though, not a real solution.


Is your BIOS up-to-date?


Do you have Lenovo Energy Management installed?

If so, disable it; if not, enable it.

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Hey I know this is old, but I have the exact same model as you and had the same issue. I'm wondering if you've been able to fix it on your own, if not you could try my method:


Uninstall the GPU drivers using DDU in Safe Mode (used the official intel tutorial for this)

After restart, install Intel drivers via Windows Update (installing them manually didn't work), then restart and repeat once more for the other driver.

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