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Hints and performance Cyberpunk 2077

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Low fps performance Cyberpunk 2077

good morning

I wanted to tell you that the FPS performance of cyberpunk 2077 is below, I wanted to know if this is going to improve or if it will continue like this, I would like Cyberpunk 2077 to improve performance and Ray Tracing to 100%, because I'm sending you the video below For you to have it, it happens to 100% of the people who have the Intel Arc graphics card, as you can see I am sending you three links so you can see the performance of the Arc A770 and A750 graphics, far from competing with RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070

So I want to send you several tips from Intel Arc and next-generation controller engineers.

1. I would like to bring out another technology that is XeSS Frame Generation is similar to Intel XeSS Super Sampling

What is Frame Generation: It is a technology that helps to increase between 10 and 15 times more FPS performance, Let's go the same as the other company I give you an example DLSS Frame Generation, Same but XeSS Frame Generation

2. Intel XeSS Super Sampling 2.0: with better quality details and performance.
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I am sending a video so you can see what Frame Generation is so that you can implement it in Intel Arc and the next generation through drivers, For you to see please and we implement it but the Intel Arc graphics and next generation remember drivers
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