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Intel ARC evolving backwards on Ryzen 3 3100 and I am losing my mind


I'm not going to explain the whole thing again, just refer to these 2 threads.
Intel Arc A750 high CPU usage on Ryzen 3 3100 

Intel Arc A750 high CPU usage on Ryzen 3 3100 in Genshin Impact 


Well guess what, after an update (Windows 10 secretly updated things for me and it's stupid) (Intel driver update again as well), the same symptoms showed up. I tried reverting by wiping the Intel ARC driver and tried the previous Intel ARC driver I had before the update. The same symptoms is still showing. Please read the 2 threads because I don't want to bother describing my issue because this is so stupid.

Do I still need to f*****g wipe my storage clean again and bother installing a new Windows 10 OS along with reinstalling basically everything just to fix the same issue every time I update? This has only been a month and now this same problem re-existed just because some monkey had an idea to force update Windows 10 behind my back? I am not sure whether to cry from disappointment with Intel update or Microsoft update or even both. I am not even sure who to blame but I am really disappointed. And no I don't think I need to send another info about my system because I still have the same components as the latest system info I've sent in the second thread.


If you're gonna tell me to reinstall the whole Windows 10 PLEASE look for another solution. I am tired of this.

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Apologies about my short temper, this issue is again easily fixed by just resetting/reinstalling windows 10 but it's annoying that I have to reinstall things after. I'm not sure if this is Microsoft's fault that their updates break the driver or the drivers messing up.

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Well, I'll try to help you with my personal experience with Arc (early adopter, since december/22).


Despite stating in requirements (I even asked them to remove these processors from the list) that Arc is supported by Zen 2 and 10th gen CPUs, they won't run well with these GPUs.

Also, 300 and 400 series AM4 motherboards are NOT supported by Arc GPUs:




I've had huge performance problems with a Ryzen 3600 on a B550M DS3H motherboard in the past, solved them upgrading to a 5600 and overclocking the crap out of it (4.85GHz daily).

Why the high CPU usage? As a shader heavy GPU, like RTX 3000 GPUs, the driver will naturally have more CPU overhead, and this tend to be 1-4 threads being almost maxed out, depending on per-thread performance.

My suggestion? Upgrade to a ryzen 5600. The Ryzen 3100 isn't a very powerful CPU, and I wouldn't use it with anything more powerfull than a GTX 1660 Super, as it will bottleneck even a RTX 2060 in a lot of scenarios, let alone the A750 (which is around 3-5% faster than a 3060 on average by techpowerup reviews).



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I don't mind the CPU bottleneck as I have plans to move to ddr5 motherboard in the future and use at least Ryzen 5 7500F hence why I did a huge jump from the GT1030 to ARC A750. However this seems to be an issue with the driver/Microsoft's updates, reinstalling Windows 10 does fix the issue and I shouldn't experience a high CPU use in the first place. This issue is persistent for a specific game it seems and that even at the lowest settings (Genshin Impact's performance requirements are quiet low) the high CPU use is there. Like I said, I reinstalled Windows 10 as it's the currently known solution and my CPU does well in it.

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