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Intel Arc Graphics Card Tips

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good morning!!!

I'm David, there is a DirectX 12 performance problem, so when I play Red Dead Redemption 2 alone in ultra quality it throws 1 FPS and the rest of the games work fine for me. I want to send suggestions to the engineers to improve the problem and performance

Finally I have the drivers, and bios last version and RESIZABLE BAR activated but the performance only that game Red Dead Redemption 2 PC ultra quality DirectX 12 1 FPS the rest is fine.

my pc specs:

Intel Core i7--1700K, a 1x32 Ram 3200MHz module, Intel Arc A770 16GB graphics card and Corsair power supply: RM850 80 Plus Gold

David De Lucas Ruiz
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good morning

I am David and I come to say that the red dead redemption 2 with all at maximum 63 FPS with Vulkan but with DirectX 12 at 1 FPS, I will send you the YouTube link so you can see the problem
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Hello David1997

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I see that you were able to get assistance on this issue under the thread titled Intel Arc Graphics Card Tips, so in order to prevent duplicate topics we will be closing this thread. Please note that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel, if you have further questions please open a new thread.

Hugo O.

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