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One NIC for AMT and another for the OS user?


I have never worked with AMT, I would like to make sure the following scenario would be possible before I start to invest in a few Intel AMT machines.

Let's assume the server has two NICs and each NIC has a different internet connection. Would it be possible to use one NIC for Intel AMT and the other for the OS? And at the same time hide the NIC used for the Intel AMT management to the OS and the OS user?

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On systems that have AMT only one of the onboard NIC's will be AMT enabled.

As to hiding the connection from a user and OS on the device, I see a few issues with that as the OS may need access to that NIC during the configuration process and during OS based discovery. If that is not a concern you could always disable the device in device manager and using an ACL for user permissions you may be able to block them from enabling it. However during a KVM connection the local user will always know the connection is enabled due to the sprite and red border on the local screen.



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