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"Intel ME Features Control" & "Intel AMT Configuration" menu option is missing

Hello, there,
On my QM57+IbexPeakM platform. As always, it come with Intel AMT disabled.
I tried to enable it through MEBx.
However, I just don't see an option to enable it.
First screen is:
Intel ME Configuration
Change Intel ME Password
Certainly, I first change Intel ME Password from admin,
Then if I go to Intel ME Configuration, I only see
Intel ME State Control
Intel ME Firmware Local Update Qualifier
Intel ME Power State Control
And where can the Intel ME Features Control be, which is mentioned by everybody, in which I should select Intel AMT as a means for management? How to enable it? Why I don't see it?
The BIOS is packed with BIOS Extention is v6.0.3.0019, and ME FM version is
1. I had also try to use Intel AMT 6.0 SDK to create a provisioning USB Key(I guess it need to transition from manufacture mode to setup mode to let AMT be enabled) with this command script:
"USBfile -create setup.bin admin Admin22@ -rpsk -v 3 -consume 1 -amt -redir 7 -ztc 1"
When USB Key try to do provision but I got a failed message like this:
Intel AMT Loading
Application failed to Load...
Press any key to continue
Whether I missing some file for it to do provisioning?
For now I can't do anything for debugging it...
Please help me, my lord, my GOD, any hints are wellcome, thanks.

Lorence Chen
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Hi Lorence,

First, you need to go into the ME State Control submenu and turn on manageability. At that point, AMT will be enabled. Once AMT is enabled, then you should be able to use the USB key to provision the unit.

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Hi Roger,

I can't found the ME Managementable related menu in the ME State Control submenu.There is no way I can do to turn onmanageablity.

Anyway, thank you for your answer.

Still use google to find any useful info to solve this issue...

And can I uploadsomepictures that I captured related to this issueput onhere, if yes, how can I do that?

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Hi Lorence,

After you have entered your MEBx Admin Password, are you saying that you only see "IntelME General Settings" as an option? If Intel AMT is enabled in the BIOs and your system has the firmware you should also see another option for "Intel AMT Configuration". If you go into the AMT menu option, the first choice should be "Mangeability Feature Seclection". Select that one and you should get another menu to either Enable or Disable AMT.

Also, check in your BIOs to see if there is a setting that allows you to enable/disable AMT - you will need to make sure it is enabled. The OEMs do not all implement this part the same way so it can vary depending on what system you are working with.

Also - could you let us know which OEM system you are working with, along with what processor it has as well (this piece of information may be critical to our being able to help you.) Did your system come with CDs that have all the drivers for AMT?


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I have a very similar problem so I will post it here.

The steps to get to my problem:
1) Export keys to USB, using SCS and console version
2) We have an Intel development platform D3CD1, with BIOS 165_1203 (that includes AMT version
3) The AMT features were not visible during POST, and we concluded that it must be enabled in the BIOS.
4) So we enabled AMT in the BIOS, with HECI also enabled. Now shows during POST.
5) We enter , change the password to match the USB keys.
6) Go via menu [ME General Settings->ME State Control->ENABLED].
7) Reboot and try to provision...
8) It comes up with "Found USB key for provisioning... Continue(Y/N)". I choose "Y", and it fails.

ERROR: "Intel AMT is disabled and USB data missing Manageability Feature Selection. Network and provisioning settings will not be applied. Configuration settings from the USB file were succesfully applied. Press any key to continue with system boot."

My opinion of all that is:
a) Getting AMT to read keys means AMT is enabled. The error states it is disabled which is confusing.
b) The error states that "Manageability Feature Selection" may be missing. What is this, and where can I set it?
c) Finally the error states that settings will not be applied, and then concludes that they were successfully applied. The system does not show up in SCS, leaving me to believe that settings were not applied, and the message was wrong in its end sentence.
d) The D3CD1 is a development platform making all of the above forgivable of course :-). Yet, through all this confusion, can I yet do something to get it provisioned?

Thank you for your time.
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It sounds like you successfully turned on AMT in the BIOS, then got into the MEBx and ensured that AMT was enabled, so that's an important first step.And thanks for providing such a detailed description of what you did, it helps track down issues like this.

As an interim step while we look at the issue, if you're main interest is getting AMT provisioned for development purposes, you could just provision manually in the MEBx. On your 6.0 system, that's just in the ME General Settings section, you select "Activate Network Access" and then yes. I also set a Host Name in ME General Settings -> Network Setup -> Intel ME Network Name Settings -> Host Name, mainly for tracking purposes.

The other thing I can think to check is a different menu item in the MEBx. Go into Intel AMT Configuration -> Manageability Feature Selection, and confirm that item is set to yes as well.

You probably want to talk to your development contact within Intel as well, if you have a development system, you should have a contact (hopefully, if not something has broken down in the process). I know there is a more recent firmware version for that platform, updating firmware often helps resolve issues like this. The firmware you mentioned is definitely a post-launch firmware, but I know there is a more recent one available.

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