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How many connections possible?

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Hi I was just wondering how many connections this can handle?

I'm interested in non-mixing mode and mixing mode. Are there certain client browser connection limits to take into consideration?

If it is entirely just dependant on your server and bandwidth available, then I would be really happy. But if it has some kind of hard limit, I would like to know beforehand. Has there been any testing of this?

Could you see there being any issue in non-mix mode, hosting say 4 rooms, each with 12 people broadcasting, with each room having 50 people receiving the streams? so that'd be 48 broadcasters in total, and 200 receivers who don't send any video. I wouldn't think that would be very cpu-intensive, and bandwidth wise that would be 12 x 0.4mbps x 50 x 4 = 960mbps upstreaming. If I had a gbit network that could handle the bandwidth, can I assume there wouldn't be any issue with this?

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We do not set any hard limitation in our product. The scalability depends on your server and bandwidth available just as you said.

And we've been continuously testing and tuning our solution. On i7 Haswell machine, we can support more than 5 rooms (16 persons / room) with VGA (~700K) resolution with mix mode.

Regarding your calculation of non-mix mode, there should not be big problem with that. Please let us know your test result.


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