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solutions to prevent entrance with a token?

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I understand that once a token is submitted, it can't be used again for entry.

But how long until this token expires and can't be submitted?

What if a user generates many tokens, and then I later block them from being able to generate new tokens, if they still have tokens left over, how do I prevent them from gaining entry into a room? Is it just not possible?

I wish I could hook into an event server side, so I could do some extra things when a user joins or a user leaves.

This is great software, but, I do feel it's meant to be used in a very 'trusted' environment where no one is going to do any troublemaking.

I believe there's no way to intercept messages sent with conference.send() either, right? I plan to make and switch to using my own separate chat for that and use that to represent the number of users in the room, however, if someone doesn't use their token, they could enter the room but not the chat, in secret!

Any solutions to these problems?

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