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NCS 2 behaves weird, while NCS 1 is more reasonable.

  • NCS 2 wouldn't be detected correctly by NCSDK example hello_ncs_py
➜ hello_ncs_py lsusb ...... Bus 001 Device 007: ID 03e7:2485 Intel Movidius MyriadX ...... ➜ hello_ncs_py python D: [ 0] ncDeviceCreate:307 ncDeviceCreate index 0 D: [ 0] ncDeviceCreate:307 ncDeviceCreate index 1 D: [ 0] ncDeviceOpen:523 File path /usr/local/lib/mvnc/MvNCAPI-ma2480.mvcmd W: [ 0] ncDeviceOpen:527 ncDeviceOpen() XLinkBootRemote returned error 3 Error - Could not open NCS device.


  • C++ object_detection_sample_ssd failed to run.
➜ samples ./cpp/build/armv7l/Release/object_detection_sample_ssd -m face-detection-adas-0001.xml -d MYRIAD -i me.jpg [ INFO ] InferenceEngine: API version ............ 2.1 Build .................. custom_releases/2020/1_d349c3ba4a2508be72f413fa4dee92cc0e4bc0e1 Description ....... API Parsing input parameters [ INFO ] Files were added: 1 [ INFO ] me.jpg [ INFO ] Loading Inference Engine [ INFO ] Device info: MYRIAD myriadPlugin version ......... 2.1 Build ........... 37988 [ INFO ] Loading network files: face-detection-adas-0001.xml face-detection-adas-0001.bin [ INFO ] Preparing input blobs [ INFO ] Batch size is 1 [ INFO ] Preparing output blobs [ INFO ] Loading model to the device [ INFO ] Create infer request [ WARNING ] Image is resized from (924, 1280) to (672, 384) [ INFO ] Batch size is 1 [1] 9179 segmentation fault ./cpp/build/armv7l/Release/object_detection_sample_ssd -m -d MYRIAD -i


Program hangs here and quit automatically on my Raspberry Pi4, but working fine on my laptop.



Can anybody take a look at it?


Thank you very much...



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Hi Pei,


Thanks for reaching out.

  1. It seems you are using the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute SDK with the Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2, you can check here the supported SDKs for both Intel® NCS. If you want to use the Intel® NCS2, you will need to transition from the NCSDK to the OpenVINO™ toolkit, you can check how to in this guide.
  2. We tested the sample and it ran successfully with the following command:

./object_detection_sample_ssd -i TEST.jpeg -m face-detection-adas-0001.xml -d MYRIAD

Remember to use the xml file from the R3 2019 version of OpenVINO™ toolkit with its corresponding .bin file.


Do you have a fresh installation of Raspbian OS? You can try to reinstall its OS, test it again and tell us if it works.



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