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Not able to generate graph in Movidius using Mobilenet SSD

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While generating graph with mobilenet ssd caffemodel on movidius, I am getting following error.


"Check failed: target_blobs_size() == source_layer.blobs_size() (2 vs 1) Incompatible number of blobs for layer conv0"


Command used: mvNCCompile PATH TO PROTOTXT -w PATH TO WEIGHT FILE -s 12


I am using intel caffe and ncsdk version 1


Followed the link for training


Could you please help to resolve the issue

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@DeepthiRaj From the error message, it seems like the weights you are using does not match the prototxt file you have for the conv0 convolution layer.


Is this your own retrained model or are you trying to run the out of the box NCSDK SSD MobileNet model? If you are using the out of the box model, have you tried cloning the ncappzoo and running the command make compile inside of the SSD MobileNet folder in ncappzoo/caffe/SSD_MobileNet?


If this is your own model, if you can provide the weights and model files, I would be better able to help you.

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Hi Tome,


Thanks for your reply.


This is our own model. Used the prototxt files generated using the command "./ 8" in the Mobilenet SSD link Caffemodel was generated using Intel Caffe.


I am not able to attach the file here from my local machine.




Deepthi Raj.