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ROS Intel Movidius NCS Release – V0.5.0


Hi All,


We are happy to announce the v0.5.0 release of ROS Intel Movidius NCS package.


The Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (NCS) is a tiny fanless deep learning device that you can use to learn AI programming at the edge. NCS is powered by the same low power high performance Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit (VPU) that can be found in millions of smart security cameras, gesture controlled drones, industrial machine vision equipment, and more.


This project is a ROS wrapper for NC API of NCSDK, providing the following features:


• A ROS service for object classification and detection of a static image file


• A ROS publisher for object classification and detection of a video stream from a RGB camera


• Demo applications to show the capabilities of ROS service and publisher


• Support multiple CNN models of Caffe and Tensorflow, including


o CNN models for object classification


 AlexNet


 GoogleNet


 SqueezeNet


 Inception_V1


 Inception_V2


 Inception_V3


 Inception_V4


 MobileNet


o CNN models for object detection


 MobileNet_SSD


 TinyYolo_V1


This project has been open sourced in github: Please refer to README file for more details about this project. We have tested it on RealSense D400 series camera and Microsoft HD-300 USB camera. Welcome feedback and participation.

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