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mvncStatus.ERROR when running OpenDevice()



I customized the MTCNN demo available in NCAPPZOO to perform inferences in live camera frames and using only 1 Movidius NCS.


This is my code:


I am getting the error mvncStatus.ERROR when runnning OpenDevice(). Could you help me with this issue?


Best Regards,


Feliphe Galiza

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Re: mvncStatus.ERROR when running OpenDevice()

@feliphegaliza The code seems to be opening the device immediately after closing the device in lines 106-108. Since the NCS device re-enumerates from USB 2 to USB 3 with a call to OpenDevice() and from USB 3 to USB 2 with CloseDevice, the device may be in mid-transition when the OpenDevice() call is being made. This is likely the cause of the failure.


Although dynamic allocation/deallocation is not yet working with the current NCSDK (1.12), we are working on a release candidate at the moment.


Introducing a slight delay before each OpenDevice() may be a work around in the meantime although I know this is not an optimal solution.

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