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Licensing for building in containers

I have a working setup for compiling images inside a Docker container using QuartusII Lite, that is reasonably comfortable for simple designs.

Obviously, that would break for anything that requires licensed features or IP components, is there a mechanism I could use to make licenses available to containers that works with the constraints imposed by that, such as containers being created and torn down for each build with random MAC addresses on the virtual network interface?

Ideally I'd be able to spawn ten builds in parallel with different seeds and choose the image with the best timing, but for me it'd also be acceptable to run them sequentially over night.

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Re:Licensing for building in containers


If you are afraid of the IP that need license then I would recommend you to purchase license for that system for compilation. If my understanding is incorrect, please provide more detail information.

For parallel or sequential compilation, then you will need to rely on TCL scripting which you can refer to

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