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NiosII software build issue



My quartus version is 19.3.​

Our firmware project is composed of main.c, main_run.c, ram.c and so on. When we remove ram.c and then click “Build All”, the nios ii tool will pop up a prompt that 38 KBytes program size and 467 KBytes free for stack + heap. If we build the firmware project with all files including ram.c, the nios ii tool will pop up a prompt that recipe for target ‘*.elf’ failed.

There is a setting in Xilinx Tool, in which we can modify the size of stack and heap as shown in Figure 6. Is there a similar setting in nios ii tool which is the same as Xilinx’s?

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Could you give more information as to what are the error messages shown? Advise attaching snapshot for all the error messages when ram.c file exists or removed during build.


May I know what is this figure 6 that you mentioned? Please help to attach the image for further understanding.