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Run a floating licence server on a Virtual Machine



We are looking to setup the FLEXlm floating licence server on a virtual machine under windows server 2012r2 running hyperv.


Is this supported?


I had noticed that LMtools requires a hardware NIC ID rather than a virtual one. But are there any other potential problems we need to be aware of?


many thanks


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Welcome to INTEL forum. But before setting up your license, would you kindly help check whether your machine is supported or not (OS) by referring to link below:      

Make sure the port used by license server or vendor daemon is not blocked. The port number is required for Windows systems and should be outside of the 27000-28000 range and be unique on the machine.

My suggestion would be:


1)     After VPN connection is established, setup license path in Quartus II>>tools>>license setup.

2)     Verify license server is running by using “lmutil lmstat –a –c <port>@<server> in BOTH server and client machine.

3)     Ping license server via VPN or telnet <host>< port> to chect the TCP connection is established


Please stop and restart the server. You need to allow the firewall access to the port number from both server and client machine.


You can also refer to link below for more detailed instructions for Setting up a floating network license server (page 32 of 59):       


You can also refer this following YouTube for license setup.    


You can also refer to this following YouTube on Setting up and debugging Quartus floating licenses.    


Let me know if this information is helpful.

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