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Altera Monitoring Program Loading Errors.

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Ok, so I have been searching for hours and haven't found anything that sounds similar to my problem.  


I am using a DE2 Board and am trying to use the DE2_Media_Computer. I am able to open the project and compile it but when it gets to the loading stage, it errors out and a message box pops up saying "Errors were encountered during the loading process. Please see the Info & Errors window for more details.". The problem is that nothing resembling an error of any type is shown in the window. I am running version 11.0 of everything. 


Sorry if I have not provided adequate information to receive help. I am new to this field and have much to learn.
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Have you fixed that ? I'm having the same promelem, so may you help me ? 

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I never figured out why I was getting that behavior so I just installed it on a different computer and it worked. I know everyone might not have the luxury of having multiple computers so I will tell you this, the only thing that I know that is different in the setups between the non-working install and the working one is that on the computer that didn't work, when I installed the nios 2 and university program software, I put them on a different hard drive than C: so that could have messed with things. FYI, I put them on a different HDD because my boot drive is only 80GB and didn't have enough free space for the install.