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DE2 Cyclone II fails 1kHz tone test after driver install/ "Fail to query board name"

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I have the DE2 University Program Development boards for my class (new!). I am running 32 bit Windows 7, Quartus 11.1. I have installed the board driver from the quartus directory per instructions. The board powers up correctly, but the 1 KHz tone on switch 17 does not work when I do this functional test. 


Furthermore, when I run the control panel (DE2_ControlPanel_V2.0.1), I will get the message "Failed to query board name" 


Someone posted a solution for Quartus 7.0 so that didn't apply to me, and I didn't understand what they said. I am VERY new to this, so please give me a detailed solution if you have it. Presently I and my students are very frustrated. :( Is there a driver problem?
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Honored Contributor II

The 1 kHz tone works. 

Still get "Failed to query board name" 


Honored Contributor II

I haven't tried the sound test but am in the same exact boat (Windows 7, Quartus 11.1, installed driver per instructions, throwing same error on Control Panel).