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DE2 + DC2 + LCM Gesture Recognizer

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We want to make a simple hand gesture recognizer (up-down, left-right by thumb) project in DE2 board with DC2 camera module + LCM. 


From the demo source codes of camera and the internet resources, we realized that we have to make image processing in each frame has been captured. Our approach is based on separating screen to -maybe- 9 parts so that, when a red sticker on thumb appears on these positions: 






we will send a signal to a game, so that the thing is going to move according to recognition... 


1) Where is frame buffer stored? We basically don't have any idea where can we modify it according to our approach. Assuming it is arranged in Sdram_Control_4Port.v file, which part we have to focus on?  


2) Why Sdram Control has to be 4 ports? Why not just read and write once, why need 2 ports for read and another 2 ports write? 


3) Does (or may) our approach have any conflict to DE2, DC2, LCM code structure? 


4) Is there any good resource about DE2, DC2, LCM modules demo code explanation? Because, there is no documentation/comments in code, so unfortunately it is not readable -at least for us, newbees.. 


5) Otherwise, can someone who knows more about procedure flow of how the stuff is captured and displayed explain a little bit about this? 


Along these, welcome suggestions;) 


Thanks in advance...
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Is your project still on going ? 

Depending on the complexity you need, a simple way is not to touch the buffer and its 4Port, as they take the whole bandwidth anyway, but simply focus on the file RAW2RGB.v where you have the needed signals (oRed,oGreen,oBlue,oDval,iX_Cont,iY_Cont). You can compute on the fly a kind of average coordinates of a selection of colors. 

If it's not clear, just ask or specify more details.
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