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De2-70 Wİth D5m Camera Realtime Image Processing

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I am working with the DE2-70 dev kit and the D5M camera, and i would like to implement an image processing algorithm to this dev kit demo file which called DE2_70_D5M_XVGA.qpf... 

i am not so much familar to verilog or quartus.... 


if i would like to add a median filter from megacores, which steps should i follow..? 


esspecially i would like to learn should i connect to mCCD_DATA wire to median filter's input, from the main file DE2_70_D5M_XVGA.v.. 

or should i connect which variable?
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merhaba ozcelik 


hw olarakmı imaga processing yapmak istiyorsunuz. 

bu genel bir kavram. 

neyi kontrol istediginizi yazarmısınız. TR:)
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