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How used MAX10 LVDS Serdes CDR

Honored Contributor II


This is Doosoo Ha, senior engineer of Opticis.  


I am designing a LVDS serdes system using two(2) of MAX 10 devices.  


I plan to build LVDS serdes system as transmitting data with only one LVDS signal line.  


The LVDS using in my system is "LVDS with embedded clock". In other words, a separate clock signal for LVDS deserialization is not transmitted. I set LVDS serialize as factor is ‘10’ and the data rate as ‘100Mbps’.  


I confirmed LVDS output is normal when inputting K28.5 data to LVDS serialize block. 



After that, I designed deserialize block to LVDS deserialize block but problem has occurred during its verification. 



What it saying as a problem is that the clock was asynchronized during deserialization because it was designed with "without clock signal". 

I would like to know if there is any way clock not being asynchronized when I use LVDS with embedded clock without transmitting a separate clock signal for LVDS deserialization. 


Please assist me how I can solve this problem.
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