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IP Core compatibility with High Capacity SD Card (SDHC)

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I'm using the university program IP core for SD Cards. I think it was designed to be used with standard capacity SD Cards (specifcation V1) (up to 2GB). 

I have performed tests with standard capacity SD Cards and it Works fine, but I need to work with High Capacity cards (SDHC >4GB, Specification V2). 


I did a test with a SDHC but, it didn't work. My code isn't able to verify that the card is connected because when I read the aux_status_register it never takes the value 0x02, that is the condition that indicates that a card is connected. 



Does anyone know what changes I need to do to the source code (VHDL) in order to be able to read and write SDHC Cards? 



I have seen the Physical Layer Simplified Specification Version 2.00 and it seems that the main difference between the V1 and V2 is the CSD Register, but I don't know what I need to modify in the VHDL files. 


Note: I'm using a micro SDHD with speed grade 4 and an adapter to connect the card into the SD socket of a DE2-115.
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I'm also having this problem. I've heard there are some compatibility issues with certain SD card brands, but haven't been able to find which specific ones work. Did you ever find a solution to your issue?

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Same problem here - best I can come up with is to try with different IP cores...