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Image Processing with DE2 and TRDB_DC2

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Hey guys, 

So I'm using the DE2 along with the TRDB_DC2 camera module. What I want to accomplish is to capture an image from the camera module, process it in bitmap format and (eventually) store it to an SD card (but that's another discussion). I'm have the interface software that comes with the camera module, but I'm not too sure where to go from there. From what I see the SDRAM is pretty hard to work with, so I was thinking about somehow storing the captured data from the camera module to the SRAM and making it a bitmap from there. Problem is, I'm not really sure how to do either of those. I understand everything that the bitmap file format needs, but I really don't know a good approach for this using the FPGA and vhdl. 


Any help would be appreciated, 



So I have the camera interface software that comes with it but it's written in verilog and I've been learning VHDL. Let me know if this will work for getting the data into the SRAM. I've taken the SDRAM control signals that go to the SDRAM pins on the DE2 and routed them to the SRAM as well. So all the signals that match up (data, address, we, upper bits, lower bits, etc) I've sent to the appropriate SRAM pins. Will this work? I figure I didn't need a controller because the interface software already took care of that. Also, there was no equivalent of OE and CE in the SDRAM control signals so I forced both of them to zero (active low).
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