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Monitor Program Freezing

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I'm doing the Computer Organization lab exercises. Now I'm at lab11 but i have a problem. When i try to download my custom SOPC system to the DE2 board the monitor program freezes. In lab5 and lab7 i made custom SOPC system too and there wasn't a problem to download the system to the board. But after in lab11 i have failed to download the system, the earier projects gone bad too. Now i cant download any of the custom SOPC systems to my board :cry: I wasn't change any settings, there was no updates. 

Did anybody have similar problems, what is the solution? :confused: 

Have the problem any relation with the Open Core Plus feature? 

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Hey! I have been using the monitor program, its a good interface but i think it has a problem when loading a file, it does freeze a little!