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SD-Card IP Core changes for DE0-Nano board support

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I am in a situation to port my application from the DE1-board to 

the DE0-Nano board( 32 MB SD-Ram!) The remaining problem is, to  

get the Altera University Program, Secure Data Card IP Core ported 

to DE0-Nano. I used the circuit diagram from the DE1-board ( see 

attached post ) and connected a SD-Card interface to the GPIO connector 

as follows: 


DE1-Board my_DEO-Nano 

b_SD_cmd: PIN_Y20 PIN_B11 

b_SD_dat: PIN_W20 PIN_D11 

b_SD_dat3: PIN_U20 PIN_C11 

o_SD_clock: PIN_V20 PIN_A12 


The Pins assignment of course is different which reflects in  

Errors if I want to add the IP Core to the SOPC. 

Has anyone an idea, which files I have to modify to bring 

the SD Card up and running on the DE0-Nano board ? 

I prefere the University Program, because it has FAT16 support, 

otherwise I have to use the SPI ? 


Regards, Reinhard
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Hi, I am trying to interface the Uni IP SD card interface with the DE0 board. There are a couple of PDFs with different information on the boards, but it doesn't list the DE0-nano: 

the ftp altera com site with path 



I'm not allowed to post the link with less than 4 posts T.T 


Also struggling to get it working.
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I would also be extremely interested in a guide for connecting an SD card to the de0-nano. 


Lately I've been trying to interface an SD card to the de2 board using the GPIO pins and am having no luck. I've looked at the de2 schematic and mapped the ports (SD_CMD, SD_CLK, SD_DAT, SD_DAT3) to the appropriate pins on the SD flash card but still cannot write anything to the card. Does anyone have a schematic/guide for connecting an external SD flash card to the de2/de0-nano?
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found the answer. here's my post: