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Streaming from a camera or from a file on USB/SD card?




I'm working on my project which involves live streaming from a camera or streaming from a file. Where do I start?


The development board is a DE2-115 with an Ethernet port to connect a FLIR A325sc IR camera. It also has a USB port and an SD card holder. And I'm using Intel/Altera Quartus Prime 18.1 Lite edition with Matlab and HDL Coder.


Are there any mega functions to stream from these devices without using an embedded NIOS-II? Or would it be better to use the NIOS and write some C code to perform streaming? Or are there Matlab functions available that are compatible with HDL Coder?


Options I’m looking at are add-ins for MATLAB which include:

  • HDL Coder Support Package for Intel FPGA Boards
  • HDL Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices (for Cyclone V, but mine is Cyclone IV)


Does anyone have any experience with these?


I might have to manually write the comms protocols in Verilog/VHDL or C.




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Hi, Please check the following link for some useful examples created by Intel engineers: Please check, download and read how the example works and recreate your's. Regards.