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Uisng NIOS II on DE2

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I am I am using DE2 and Quartus 8.0 web edition 

I started with the tutorial (Introduction to the Altera SOPC Builder Using 

Verilog Design) generated the processor, and compiled my code without a problem. Starting the programmer, I get 


"you are trying to use one or more time-limited megafunctions that supports the opencore plus feature that will not work after the hardware evaluation time expires. Refer to the evaluation window for evaluation time details" I press O.K. 


Then when I download the file lights_time_limited.sof 

I get a window "opencore plus status" saying "click cancel to stop using opencoreplus Ip 

Time remaining unlimited." clicking cancel (the only choice)  

In the message window, I get configuration succeeded one device configured. successfully performed operation and ended programmer operation. 


Now I use the altera monitor program to compile and download the example, compilation is O.K. but downloading I get 


using Cable "USB-Blaster [USB-0]" device 1, instance 0x00 

Resetting and pausing target processor: FAILED 

leaving target processor paused. 


I tried more than one board, reset is connected to KEY[0], clock is connected ... same results.
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In the Quartus II Programmer, you have to leave the "OpenCore Plus" Window Open to use the Processor. Don't click cancel until you are done running your Nios II Software.  


- Blair
Honored Contributor II

Thank you, really appreciate it 

Works fine now
Honored Contributor II

hi,i have meet a similar problem as your,please tell me how did you solve it!thanks! 

my email

thanks again!
Honored Contributor II

Can u tell me the steps by steps with figures for illustration the work u've done above. 

Thanks a lots.