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fan-out buffer problem and LCD question(DE2 - quartus 10.1)

Im trying to assign two input pins(general purpose IO pin and RS232 RX) and two output pins(general purpose IO pin and RS232 TX) for the NIOS UART module. when i try to do this i get the error 



Error: Net "rxd_to_the_UART", which fans out to "NIOSL2:inst|rxd_to_the_UART", cannot be assigned more than one value Error: Net is fed by "inst18~COMBOUT" Error: Net is fed by "inst17~COMBOUT" 


i tried assigning an input buffer(alt_inbuf) but i get a similar error. what do i do? :confused: 



and on an unrelated issue, would there be a problem is i assign two vcc pins for the LCDON and LCD backlight on pins? and i also assigned a ground pin to the Read/Write pin cause im not planning to do any read operation and made the data bus uni-directional. is there any problem with this configuration?
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i just figured i asked two stupid questions hehe 

well the fan our problem could be solved using a simple or gate to or the inputs. and as for the lcd i switched to the lcd module provided in the university program ip core which does pretty much everything for you.. 


thanks anyways :)