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help me about picture.dat format with DE1!

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hello! i'm trying to download picture.dat to kit DE1 using Control panel. And i want to process that image in SRAM. But i don't know about picture.dat format. Can anybody explain about that problem!:confused: thanks so much!

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my problem is same. When i try to read DE1_USB_API project i see these line 


assign mVIN_R = mVGA_ADDR[0] ? mSRAM_VGA_DATA[15:8]<<2 : mSRAM_VGA_DATA[7:0]<<2 ;  

assign mVIN_G = mVGA_ADDR[0] ? mSRAM_VGA_DATA[15:8]<<2 : mSRAM_VGA_DATA[7:0]<<2 ;  

assign mVIN_B = mVGA_ADDR[0] ? mSRAM_VGA_DATA[15:8]<<2 : mSRAM_VGA_DATA[7:0]<<2 ; 


i don't understand that code "<<2" 

because vga data only take 4 MSB bit 


assign VGA_R = oVGA_R[9:6]; 

assign VGA_G = oVGA_G[9:6]; 

assign VGA_B = oVGA_B[9:6]; 


please help me. thanks in advance