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how to control the audio data in WM8731 DE2 board

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Hello everyone 


Why is there is still sound that produced even when i remove pin AUD_ADCDAT and AUD_DACDAT from my project(i am using block diagram arrangement).  

I've set up the audio codec controller(i2c_controller) as below 

Analogue audio path control:000100X00010000 ~ X is dont care ~ 

which has disable bypass, and has line input select to ADC. 

I've set it to work as in master mode with 48kHz deemphasizes,16 bit data width with left justified audio data format. 

any idea why is this happening? and how can i control the data from AUD_ADCDAT? see this (


please guide me 

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try to MUTE the MIC input 

with Analog Path set to: 000100X00010010. 


With your configuration the ADC is using Line-In so you should not need MIC input. And if you don't mute it, it will be added to the DAC analog output signal (I think).
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