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Error #10037 could not find 'link'

Hi Intel Team,

I'm truly sorry for posting this topic once again, but I cannot seem to find a solution despite all previous posts on the topic. I have 

MS VS Professional 2015 installed, with the 2015 MS Visual C++ (x86) and (x64) packages installed on my system (Windows 7 professional, 64 bit, intel i5).

I recently purchased and installed Intel parallel studio XE2016 composer for Fortan. The package is recognised within VS and I can access and edit .vfproj projects, however whenever I try to compile I always get the error listed above:

error #10037 could not find 'link'

This is regardless of whether I try to compile in Win32 or x64. I updated my Redistributables for Visual C++ and re-installed, but as exctly the same problem. The topic at

refers only to issues building with command line, and the guru Steve Lionel suggests against the suggestions recommended in the topic at: ,

even though I cannot locate anywhere the cvars32.bat or vcvars64.bat files which the author of that posts suggests editing. I would have hoped this error would be cleared up in the newer releases, but apparently it is still causing problems. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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The Visual C++

The Visual C++ redistributable packages have no connection with building applications. Most likely you picked the default install of VS2015 which does not include C++ compiler support required by Intel Visual Fortran.

Please rerun the VS2015 installer (or do a Change/Modify on VS2015 from Programs and Features) and check the box for C++ under Languages. Once that completes, the Fortran builds will probably work. If not, reinstall Intel Parallel Studio XE (or do a modify on that and just click through all of the pages, making sure that when you get to the page about VS integration that you check the one for VS2015.

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