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File Open Dialog taking a long time to open in debug mode

I'm calling GetOpenFileName to open a file.

I have been using this code successfully for many years.

Now when I try to call this code in Debug mode it takes several minutes to display the File Open Dialog.

If I run the compiled exe file it is OK but when I try to run the software in debug mode the dialog takes a very long time to load.

I have tried going back to an old version of my software and the dialog still takes a long time to load.

I can only think I have changed a setting inadvertently or a Windows update has affected it.

Do you have any suggestions?


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I noticed that the output window was saying loading symbol...

The problem was caused by changing the setting in Visual Studio - Debug|Options & Settings|Debugging|Symbols - I had changed it to load symbols for all modules, it should have been load symbols for specified modules.


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