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Grey box on the desketop - Tree navigation window appears as grey box detached from VS


Hi all,

The issue is that a grey box appears on the desktop after opening my Fortran project with VS.
The box cannot be moved and covers whats behind it even if VS is minimized.

Searching in the VS forum support I found it is related to the visualization of the window "Tree navigation window" that can be opened in VS from the menu: View -> Other windows -> Tree Navigation Window.

Searching in the VS community forum support I found the problem can be the option "Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities (requires restart)" set in the VS option menu. Unsetting the option and restarting VS the grey box no more appears and the "Tree navigation window" appears in VS.

I would like to know if I a fix to the issue is available with the above mentioned option set.
Let me know if further information can be helpful.

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I think this is a VS issue and not Intel Fortran-specific.

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Yup, I've had the same grey box on my desktop for since the VS update before last. It wont quite, it won't move, I thought it might be related to some Fortran is doing since it does NOT appear if I don't bring up a Fortran project. At about the same time, VS began to issue warnings about deprecated APIs that Fortran was using/asking for. Not sure if these problems are related.

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