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Integrating ANSYS with Intel Fortran and Visual Studio



I am trying to use User Programmable Features (UPF) in ANSYS 18.0. In order to do that, ANSYS recommends using Intel FORTAN 15.0.2 and Visual Studio 2012. Since Visual Studio 2012 is no more available on Microsoft Website to download, I am using following software -

 MS Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (Update 3), Intel Parallel Studio XE 17.0.4, ANSYS 18.0.

After installing these as suggested in different tutorials/ forums, I try to compile a simple "Hello World" code from Visual Studio 2015. It worked (as in the screenshot - It seems like Intel Fortran has been integrated properly with Visual Studio.

I have been following this link - (Process 1.10.3. Using the ANS_ADMIN Utility) to accomplish the task.

To create custom ANSYS.exe, I kept the file to be compiled and linked in following directory - C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v180\ansys\custom\user\winx64 and then set the user environment variable as in the screenshot -

Then I went on to compile my desired UPF using visual studio 2015 command prompt in administrator mode. First, I changed the directory to C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v180\ansys\custom\user\winx64 and then issued ANSCUST.BAT command. The output is shown in this screenshot - (The system can't find the path specified).

Still, I continued and it showed me the desired Fortran file is being compiled -

After a while, this returned a linking error, LINK: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'libdecimal.lib' -

If the issue is being created from the fact that, ANSYS is not compatible with the versions of other software, then I can update ANSYS version. But I think, this issue is an integration problem. Can you please help me solving the issue? Thanks in advance.


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You may want to get help from the ANSYS support folk on using ANSYS. The screenshot of the error from ANSCUST.BAT isn't helpful as it's unknown what the .BAT is doing to trigger that error.

libdecimal.lib is not part of the Intel Fortran product. If this is an ANSYS library, you will need to tell the linker how to find this library.

So far, your issues seem to be much more related to ANSYS than to Intel Fortran.

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