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New Website display not satisfactory for desktop users. (IOW not on cell phone)

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I use a desktop computer with a 4K monitor. The text display, that is the columnar layout is too narrow. For longer posts, I must unnecessarily scroll vertically due to paragraphs wrapping too soon. And for code posts containing code</> I have to unnecessarily scroll both horizontally and vertically.

Please take into consideration the display settings .OR. permit the forum message text box to be dragged wider.

Also, the Intel Community is now missing the HPC section.


When I am in a section location, and start a new post, the New Message page does not remember the section I was creating the new message from.

Jim Dempsey

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Some more comments and questions:

When signed in and adding a response, I see the icon of a stubby pencil with the text Add Tags to its right. What is a tag, what are the available tags, and can we find the answers to these questions by pressing the "? Help" button at the top right, please?

In the previous version of this forum, the initial post and the responses were numbered #1, #2, etc., and these labels could then be used in the texts of subsequent responses to help the reader. There was only one place to add a new response, and that was at the bottom of the page, to which one scrolled and started typing.

In the new forum, there are no such numerical labels. Each response in a thread has its own "Reply" button, but all such buttons are completely equivalent. A user who selects a specific "Reply" button, expecting her/his new message to be associated with the specific response containing that button, would be disappointed.

As I am typing this, attempting to respond to Mary's post of ‎06-26-2020 04:13 PM, I see the later response of JohnNichols below the text entry box, but I don't think that this post will appear before his. (To be tried and confirmed) Confirmed.

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I agree that reply numbers would be helpful. You can, however, link to earlier replies by clicking on the ... button and selecting Permalink. Right click on that to copy the URL

I have yet to get the "View discussion in a popup" to do anything useful. On the other hand, I see that this forum saves partial replies and suggests them as drafts if you reply again.

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