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Problem with read and pause statements in Fortran 2021/VS 2022


There appears to be a problem with the latest fortran compiler or visual studio when executing read and pause statements that wait for input from the keyboard.

I am using
Intel Fortran Compiler Classic for apps running on IA-32, ver. 2021.5.0, Package ID: w_oneAPI_2022.0.0.3663
MS Visual Studio Community 2022(64bits), ver. 17.0.4

I compiled in debug a short standard graphics program which includes the following two statements:


The failure for the read(5,'(i1)'),i statement is:
     Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
     Debug Assertion Failed
     Program:...pgms\Ftn Std Graphics pgm\Debug\FtnStd Graphics project.exe
     Line: 218
     Expression: (L"Buffer is too small" && 0)

If I press [ignore] studio returns to the fortran code with a breakpoint after the read statment with the following message:
     Exception Unhandled
     Unhandled exception at 0x004E94B6 in Ftn Std Graphics project.exe:
     An invalid parameter was passed to a function that considers invalid parameters fatal.

If I comment out the read statement, I get the same failure for the pause statement, except for the following lines:
     Line: 179
     Expression: ((destination)) != NULL && ((size_in_elements)) > 0
     Unhandled exception at 0x00D94186 in Ftn Std Graphics project.exe:

These failures DO NOT OCCUR when using
Intel Fortran Compiler Classic for apps running on IA-32, ver. 2021.3.0, Package ID: w_oneAPI_2021.3.0.3372
MS Visual Studio Community 2019, ver. 16.10.4

Note that the Intel Fortran Compiler Classic and Intel Fortran Compiler (Beta) Developer Guide and Reference states that "The PAUSE statement is a deleted feature in the Fortran Standard. Intel® Fortran fully supports features deleted in the Fortran Standard."

Is there something wrong with the way VS 2022 implements the C++ runtime library?
Is there a compiler/debug setting that can alleviate this problem?

Thank you


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Black Belt

Probably the same as or related to this recent thread .

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Thank you for your reply. I will try the link in the thread you mentioned.

I have tried additional I/O statements using VS Community 2022/w_oneAPI_2022.0.0.3663 with the following results.

Reading from a file:  read(1,'(a20)')  and  read(1,*)  and  read(1,'(f4.2)')  all yield the following error.
     Intel Visual Fortran run-time error
     end-of-file during read,unit 1
     Exception thrown

Getting characters from the keyboard:  result_i4=getc(char)  and  result_i4=getstrqq(buffer_c80)  both yield the following error
     Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
     Debug Assertion Failed
     Expression: (L "Buffer is too small" &&0)
     Exception Unhandled

The statement result_c1=getcharqq( ) DOES work.

With one exception, these statements WORK on VS Community 2019 with w_oneAPI_2021.3.0.3372. The exception is result_i4=getsrtqq(buffer_c80). Though this statement DOES NOT create an error, it DOES NOT do anything.

Next I will try loading the w_oneAPI_2021.3 into MS Community 2022 using the link mentioned in the other thread.

Thanks again


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