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I want to write a tools about pipeline analysis , can I get data I want from Intel?

Now I write a tool about what instruction are excuted at each clock cycle in order to analysis which instruction stalls the pipeline.

My program's input are uops.
I anlysis the dependency (include port. data, ROB, retired buffer),and give excute serial of a segment of uop code. I check it with simple instruction, which is decoded into 1uop.

I want to make my tool more general , So I can anaysis any assmebly code I want .but I donot waht uop the instruction are decoded into.

Does Intel provide such data I want (such decoded uops and some detail about instruction )?

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PTLsim is a cycle accurate x86 microprocessor simulator and virtual machine for the x86 and x86-64 instruction sets. PTLsim models a modern superscalar out of order x86-64 compatible processor core at a configurable level of detail ranging from full-speed native execution on the host CPU all the way down to RTL level models of all key pipeline structures. In addition, all microcode, the complete cache hierarchy, memory subsystem and supporting hardware devices are modeled with true cycle accuracy. PTLsim supports the full x86-64 instruction set of the Pentium 4+, Athlon 64 and similar machines with all extensions (x86-64, SSE/SSE2/SSE3, MMX, x87). It is currently the only tool available to the public to support true cycle accurate modeling of real x86 microarchitectures.

PTLsim is very different from most cycle accurate simulators used in research applications. It runs directly on the same platform it is simulating (an x86-64 or x86 machine running Linux) and is able to switch in and out of full out of order simulation mode and native x86-64 mode at any time completely transparent to the running user code. This lets users quickly profile a small section of the user code without the overhead of emulating the uninteresting parts. PTLsim runs unmodified 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x86-64 applications without special compilers or toolchains.

PTLsim comes in three flavors. The standard version runs any 32-bit or 64-bit single threaded userspace Linux application. PTLsim/X integrates with the Xen hypervisor to provide full system x86-64 simulation, multi-processor and multi-threading support, cycle accurate device and timing models, and much more. Finally, our next generation version, PTLsim 3.0, is based on KVM/QEMU to deliver all the functionality of the Xen-based version plus many groundbreaking new features and usability enhancements.

Compared to competing simulators, PTLsim provides extremely high performance even when running in full cycle accurate out of order simulation mode. Even with its optimized core, PTLsim still allows a significant amount of flexibility for easy experimentation.

PTLsim is used extensively at hundreds of major universities, industry research labs and the well known x86 microprocessor vendors Intel and AMD.

PTLsim is now sponsored by Strandera Corporation, with Matt T. Yourst as the primary development coordinator.

Is PTLsim a precise simulator for Intel processor ?

It seems that PTLsim has its own assumedpipeline structureand is not apparently tied to any actual implementation.