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Bluring Image with Intel IPP functions. Does not see Blur effect


Hi All,

I am working on project to blur RGB image (3 channels) with Gaussian Blur or Median Blur. I tested with openCV function GaussianBlur() and MedianBlur() and got Blur effect on Image. 
However, when I am trying to use with Intel IPP  functions such as Gaussian Filter and Median Filter to blur my original Image. So far, the blur effect is not showing at all even though I did not get any error or fault from using them. 
I used ippiFilterMedianColor_8u_C3R() for MedianFilter and ippiFilterGaussianBorder_8u_C3R() for GaussianFilter. I saw no effect on both result image. My questions are

IPP Gaussian Border Filter and Median Filter are the same as OpenCV Gaussain Blur and Medain Blur? Are they the correct tools for using to blur entire image?

Also I saw few thing about Adding Border on Image. Is that necessary? If so, I would appreciate the guidance about how to do that?

Thank you.
- Si Thu.

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Closing this since duplicated with the last post