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I use the IPP from Application Software Develop Suite for Atom. But there is no bin

In the directory /opt/intel/atom/Compiler/11.1/072/ipp, there is no folder of "bin". When I run cmake to call IPP to compile OpenCV2.1, what should I config about IPP_PATH? Or need further configure???
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Hello Robby,

I'm not that familiar with the OpenCV build process, but there are several articles and forum threads on the IPP forum that might be of value. Most of them are dealing with the Windows builds, but I suspect some of the information can be translated to your Linux platform.

Please see theIntel IPP - Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) FAQ, in particular the references from the following paragraph in that article might be of value:

The latest release OpenCV 2.0 and OpenCV 2.1 change the way to load IPP library. See the instructions at: the thread discussion inProblems about IPP6.1 and Opencv2.0/2.1.
cvGetModuleInfo provides information about external DLLs if OpenCV load ones. It work in previous OpenCV versions for IPP because that time IPP was linked dynamically. Now it is linked statically in OpenCV2.0/2.1, so you can not get info through this function.
To check _cvipp.h file or search for HAVE_IPP macro through sources mayhelpyou tofind where IPP is used and where still be an opportunity to insert call for IPP.

Note also that, according to the various forum threads, the linkage model has changed from shared to static.

These forum threads might be of interest:

Problems about IPP6.1 and Opencv2.0/2.1
IPP doesn't work with OpenCV 2.0


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I think you should pass the correct path to the IPP shared libraries:
smth like that:
export IPPROOT=/opt/intel/atom/Compiler/11.1/072/ipp/ia32
export IPP_PATH=$IPPROOT/sharedlib:$IPP_PATH
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