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Bluetooth Lagging / Erratic / Fails - NUC8i7HVK4


Hello I have a NUC that I have had for only three weeks. Ever since I have had it I have issues with Bluetooth. I am connecting to a DELL keyboard and Msoft Mouse. The mouse lags constantly and freezes for about 2 secs every 10 mins.


On some occasions the BT has stopped responding altogether. The only way to continue is to plug in a USB wireless keyboard and mouse and troubleshoot. Twice the BT logo in the tray and device manager entry completely dissapeared. The only way to regain the BT was to shutdown diable the BT device in BIOS and restart then shutdown re-enable the device and reboot. Then it comes back.


I re-seated the BT module on the board and from what I can tell I have not had a hardware failure since but the lagging and 2sec disconnects have never stopped.


However today BT dropped out multiple times completely but I can still see the tray icon and the entry in Device manager seems to show all working OK but no connections at all. Latest drivers are installed


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards a hardware issue on the board somehow but wanted to go through the whole process in case someone had some advise.


Thanks a lot.

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  1. Are the antennas cables (both cables), connected firmly to the WiFi adapter?
  2. Except the BT connection not working is the WiFi 2.4 GHz working as expected?
  3. Did you try to troubleshoot this problem with Windows Bluetooth Troubleshooter? (Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Bluetooth)




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  • Yes removed and re-seated the board and re-attached and checked antenna cables already.
  • Wifi is working OK.
  • Yes have gone through the troubleshooter several times.


Thanks for the thoughts.


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