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Mini NUC Mounting Bracket



This is mechanical related question about Intel MINI NUCs. I work on the Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) development. With one of our products, I am facing an issue where in, if I mount the NUC on the IFP back side using mounting bracket, there is no enough clearance to mount 54/56 mm deep NUC. 

I was wondering, instead of mounting bracket, if I could provide 2 NUC holes in the back pan cover of IFP then I get safe clearance and NUC won't scratch against the wall.

I could found four types of NUC brackets on below Intel site. VESA Mount Information for the Intel® NUC


My question is: How many different dimensions are there for highlighted values in the image below? Are those only 94 mm and 85mm? If I provide these two hole patterns, will it address mounting of all the NUCs? 


Thanks You!

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Hello @AviPar

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We understand you have opened a Chat Support case with us and we will continue to help you through that channel now. We will therefore close this community case. Thank you.

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