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Xeon 4208 and NVME Optane - should work or not ?


Hi technology freaks This is my first post on intel community. 

I have a problem with using the Optane NVME drive.


We have a few servers Dell R740xd with raid controller PERC h750 and CPU 2 x  Xeon 4208.

We have also few disk u.2 Intel Optane P4800X (SSDR,750GB,NVMEPCIE,2.5) and we would like to use them on this servers.


After mount Optane disk drive in the server not working correctly (disk status led is blinking 2 times per second).

My server vendor suggested that the processor 4208 can support NVME disks but not Intel Optane disks.

I have not found any logical explanation as to believe it.......

 I sent an inquiry of this case to the server supplier and that is under analysis.


However, I would like to ask you, if there is a probability that the optane disk is not compatible with the xeon 4208 processors? Can this CPU not support the optane drives ?


I appreciate for any answer.


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Hello, Infra-Architekt.

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community Forums.

I just got your ticket regarding possible compatibility/support problems between Xeon 4802 and Optane DC SSD P4800X, and I will be reviewing this with you.

We are not currently aware of any limitations like this or similar problems being reported, but we can check what happened with the SSDs.

Please let us know the following:

1. What is exactly happening with the drives? (describe behavior).

2. How many P4800X do you have in total and how many are currently impacted? (also number of systems, if multiple).

3. Can you share name of your server vendor?

4. Where the drives purchased with the system or separately from a different vendor?

5. SSD logs and details:

I will follow up on March 25th in case additional time is required.


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello, Infra-Architekt.

I wanted to follow up on your ticket in case you had any questions regarding my previous message.

I will keep the thread open and will follow up again on March 30th.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello, Infra-Architekt.

This post is to inform you about the thread closure.

I previously tried to obtain additional information to troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing since there are no reports about similar issues, but there was no response after trying to follow up.

The thread will be closed and no longer monitored by Intel support. If you require any type of assistance from Intel in the future, please open a new thread, or contact us using any of the available support methods:


Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician