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Any plans to fix the bug in Quartus vertical migration tool?


Quartus vertical migration tool results, at least for Cyclone VE U19 packages for die densities A4-A9 shows all the NC pins as not connected, even though the A4 device has 7 pins that must be connected to power or ground for that chip to function properly. It is safe to connect power and ground to any pin marked NC because there is no connection to the die for those pins. However, not connecting the power pins on chips that indicate such connection(s) will cause those designs to fail. Many permutations of target device and migration family devices were tried, all with the same result. Note, tested with licensed Quartus Ver14.1.

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Hello ,

I am getting similar quires for the same issue , I raised to the internal team and hope it will get fixed in the upcoming quartus version.


Thank you ,