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BSOD when using programmer


Hi all,

Wondering if anybody has experienced this issue, or has any suggestions on how to fix it


I'm using Quartus Prime Lite Edition 16.1 and I've just started having an issue when trying to load the compiled program onto the fpga board (EP4CE22F17C6) causes my PC to BSOD with the error code PFN LIST CORRUPT.


I've tried a few solutions such as a complete reinstall, updating windows, with no progress.


It seemed to have started randomly, as it did previously work, and as far as I know there were no changes to the system, install or any new programs or drivers


Any help would be much appreciated :)

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Have you tried using a different version? 18.0 is available now.

Otherwise, have you tried checking that your RAM and HDD is not bad?

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Unfortunately I've gotta stick to 16.1 as I'm using this for Uni work and it's the version they use on campus :/ I've already tried those fixes (Other than the ram one I think) to no avail :( I've done all of these fixes ( but nothing helped

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I'm assuming you're using JTAG and some form of USB Blaster to program the device. Have you successfully installed the drivers and does the device show up in the Programmer? When exactly do you blue screen, when you click the Start button?

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Let us tell you how to fix: PFN list corrupt BSOD on windows in several easy methods. The blue screen error usually occurs when you have a corrupt driver. Some of the windows 7 and 10 users said they had shut down the computer after having the bluescreen error.

However, the cause of the blue screen will vary from one computer to another. You will have the most convenient way to fix the fatal errors from our guide . The PFN error is the page frame number error related to the hard drive or physical disk.

According to our research, the cause of PFN list error  can occur due to PFN corruption. You have to check the descriptor list and check the device drivers as well.

In most cases, the BSoD is occurring because you are using third-party applications or corrupt drivers.


The causes of PFN error could be the following:

  • Issues in the RAM
  • Corrupt hard drive
  • Malware or any other virus issue
  • Windows registry could be corrupt
  • Damaged or corrupt system
  • Outdated files or configuration of the device are not right.
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