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Create an IP like the Qsys Clock Source


1 why ClockSourceIP can export clk & reset automatic

2 why NOT ClockSourceIP connect clock signal itself

but ClockBridgeIP try to connect clk loop to itself

3 I want to create an IP which behave like the ClockSource

may I have some tcl sample to do that




David Wang


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Clock Source is a clock output interface that drives a clock signal out of a component. Clock output interfaces cannot have reset signals.

Its clock input interfaces provide synchronization control for a component. A typical component has a clock input to provide a timing reference for other interfaces and internal logic.



Clock bridge allows you to route between Qsys subsystems. The Clock Bridge connects a clock source to multiple clock input interfaces. You can use the clock bridge to connect a clock source that is outside the Platform Designer system. Create the connection through an exported interface, and then connect to multiple clock input interfaces.



You can refer to the Quartus scripting manual regarding clock source tcl scripting information.