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Enabling Quartus II 12.0 SP2 64 bit version (Web Edition) w/ Windows 10 64 bit OS

Honored Contributor II

I have installed quartus ii 12.0 sp2 web edition. I am running Windows 10 64 bit Pro OS. 


From what I understand, I need to compile the vhd files in Quartus II in 64 bit mode to properly operate my EP2C35F672C6 board of the Cyclone II family. However, when 

I installed Quartus II, I only have the option to run it in 32 bit mode.  


At school, I have the option of both 32 and 64 bit modes when I search for it after pressing the windows key. My  

instructor has told me to only use 64 bit mode to avoid issues when implementing my hardware. 


Is there a way to go about installing or enabling 64 bit mode?  


I was never given the option to download either 32/64. It was a single package, so I assumed that it would come with both. 


Also, I intend on installing the free edition of ModelSim 10.0d. Will I encounter a similar issue? 


I have not been able to find ample information on this specific topic elsewhere. I would greatly appreciate any feedback as I would love to be able to work on my projects at home. 


Thank you!
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Honored Contributor II

As far as I recall, 32 or 64 bit has no affect on the programming file(s) generated to implement a design in hardware. I'm not sure what your instructor is thinking here. Modelsim will not be an issue either.

Honored Contributor II

Thank you for your response. I am not 100% sure either. I am interested to find out the details in their claim/thinking on this one. I will probably experiment firsthand, then ask them to explain in detail. I will update this thread when I learn of the results and response of my instructor.  


Perhaps they were referring to the 32 bit software not including the 64 bit JTAG libraries?