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How can I disable or connect a module in a Qsys system


Hello Masters. How can I disable or connect a module in a Qsys system (or even in a subsystem) through a tcl script. The module is not custom. for example, in one case we connect the QSPI interface, and in the other CFI-flash. how can this be done using tcl, does anyone have any examples?

I want to change one parameter (type of circuit board) in tcl script and get the corresponding qsys system, either with qspi interface or with parallel CFI 👺 Help me please😔

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you can follow the steps below:


1) Open up platform designer

2) make some simple connection there

3) click files -> export system as Platform designer scripts .tcl

4) Open up this .tcl, you will notice all the properties and connection

5) Make use of this syntax to continue your development.

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