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How is system_console_rc.tcl supposed to be used with system console?

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The QII53028 "Analyzing and Debugging Designs with System Console" states that:

"You can use the system_console_rc.tcl file in combination with your custom rc_script.tcl file. In this capacity, the system_console_rc.tcl file performs actions that System Console always needs and the local rc_script.tcl file performs actions for particular experiments."

Could someone please give an example of how the system_console_rc.tcl and rc_script.tcl can be used to "customize" the system console? I mean what is "customize" even supposed to mean?

We already know that although the system console is a terminal, it does not have the capability to autocomplete when we press tab. This is quite a serious limitation and it cannot be fixed anyway. What is the use of these two scripts then?

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These scripts run automatically when the tool starts to set up service paths and claim services or start toolkits.  Basically, you can put anything in these scripts that you don't want to have to run later after the tool has started.

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Please give me some ideas, some examples, so I can make the most use of this.


Also, I have found that using exit() does not exist system console whether we are in command-line (using command line system-console) or the GUI version. How are we supposed to exit at all? With GUI we can select close option but with shell, I seems that we just need to close the shell manually since some process will always be running.


You can find the console commands here, it has some examples you can go through too:

What's important is that you close the service. I think that's what's running in the background.



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